Super Dad: Man Of Steel

Marvin is a kick ass dad.  Hands down.

He is a selfless, kind, motivating, loving, encouraging, patient, nurturing father.  He is so incredibly supportive of every goal and pushes our daughters to put in hard work and dedication in whatever they are doing.

There are only a handful of things in life that make me cringe.  One of which is super heroes and comic books.  Ew.  No thank you.  But since Marvin is such a great father, I decided to embrace his favorite super hero, Superman, and plan a day dedicated to a Super Dad.  I'm a sucker for a good theme, so I was THRILLED to find out that Man Of Steel was opening Father's Day weekend.  Perfection.  I was oblivious that this movie was even coming out.

The girls and I decided to plan a donut bar for breakfast.  I got plain donuts from the grocery store and lots of yummy toppings.  I scoured the internet to learn more about Superman, so that I could get a little creative.  Here's what I came up with:

Ice Breath Potion: Blue Hawaiian Punch & Sprite
Super Hearing Carmel Syrup
Mental Power Chocolate Syrup
Morsels of Mega Muscles: Chocolate Chips
Powerful Praline Crunch
Pebbles of Power: Fruity Pebbles Cereal
X-Ray Vision Nuts
Super Strength Sprinkles
Ice Breath Flakes: Coconut
Flight Sugar: Powdered Sugar
Powerful Shooters: Fruit Kabobs
Hero Cookie Crumble Crunch: Crushed Oreos
Kryptonite Cupcakes

We dipped the top of the donut in either the chocolate syrup or carmel and then sprinkles on the toppings.  It was heavenly!

The girls woke Marvin up with confetti and gave him a Superman cape to wear for the day.  After opening presents and watching church online, we headed to the theater to see Man Of Steel.  Marvin wore his cape.  See, amazing daddy, right? :)

Sophia felt that he needed a shield.  :)

I found an amazing artist on Etsy to draw the girls and Marvin as Superman and his little Super Girls!  The artist, Mike, did a fantastic job!  I was so impressed with how great it turned out.  You can find his Etsy shop here.

Marvin opening the drawing.  Nailed it. :)

Happy Father's Day to this Super Dad!  We love you. xo