Leprechauns & the Easter Bunny

We have had some great times over the past few weeks celebrating St. Patrick's day and Easter!  

St. Patrick's day started out with a bang with our "Top O' The Mornin'" breakfast.  We had green pancakes, rainbow on a stick (fruit kabobs), Pinch Proof Potion (green milk), Pot O' Gold eggs, and toppings for our pancakes.  The toppings: Lucky Charms cereal, Clouds in a Bottle (whipped cream), Shamrock Syrup, Magic Clover Dust (green sugar), and Chocolate O'Hersheys.  The girls had a blast loading their pancake with all the toppings.  This will definitely be a new tradition in our household!  Later, Marvin and I skipped over to a local brewery for some green beers! I was absolutely thrilled that they had green beer - I was nervous they wouldn't, so I packed some green food coloring in my purse. Yes, I take St. Patrick's day VERY seriously and you know I'm a sucker for a good theme!

Kiss Me I'm Iowish. :) 

I mean, c'mon.  I love him.
Goodies I made for Paris & Sophia's friends.

Easter was a perfect day! The girls woke us up at 6am. You read that correctly, 6am. The collected 54 eggs around the house and picked through their Easter baskets.  Sophia immediately figured out which eggs had the money in them and was ALL over finding the money eggs!  We went to a wonderful church service at our church - I loved it and it had me completely refreshed to start my week.  I'm so thrilled that the girls are also falling in love with our new church.

Next up, dress shopping! My mom, future mother-in-law, and my two maid of honors will be here soon to help me find my wedding dress!  I'm nervous, excited and realllllllly hope I find "the one" while they're here.  Otherwise, I might have to depend on Paris & Sophia's opinions...scary.


  1. Great ideas for the pancakes and toppings. My kids would love that! St. Pat's day is a big deal to us as well. I know that you guys are in Pa, the town that I grew up in is also in Pa. Town called Jim Thorpe Pa. There is a booming St. Pat's day parade including the green beer! Small town but nice parade and a lot of fun. Residence opens their home to pretty much anyone for food, music and drinking. Maybe we will see you guys there one year. I love reading your blogs when your fiance post your link. Our family has been fortunate enough to have met Marvin at the Big Ten Gala 2 years ago, my son and daughter actually raced him at a game there. Or course Marvin won! Lol. Most importantly I hope you found the dress of your dreams! If you get a sec check out this website, my husband would love to feature Marvin and your family on an upcoming show. God Bless -Jessica Nhem

  2. Thank you so much for your nice comments! I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog! We will definitely have to check out the St. Patrick's day festivities in Jim Thorpe next year - sounds like a lot of fun! Let me know what the website is and we will take a look. My email address is God bless you & yours as well. Take care.

  3. If I haven't told you already, I LOVE the family love story that is you, Marvin, and the girls. I was thrilled to meet them today, though cautious about approaching them, because after all, I am a stranger. Anyway, they are lovely, and Marvin was as always sweet and gracious to his fans. What I wanted to tell you was I was about Sophia's age when my mom married a man who would be my dad for the next 40+ years. I could never insult him by calling him a stepfather (though there are great step-dads out there!). A relationship like that is so important not only for the kids, but a blessing for both parents as well. I have so enjoyed watching your story unfold her and on Twitter, so thank you for sharing! Best of luck in Miami, at least you don't need to own a snowblower now :)

    Val Snow